Sample Adventures

Athletic Adventure

There is no better way to start off a tour than with some blood-pumping activity! Students will step in to the shoes of a UNC Asheville student-athlete by taking on the vertical jump test, active drills, and game day routines held in the basketball locker room. UNC Asheville track and cross country members will demystify the road to college athletics and reveal what it takes to balance school, training, and competitions! The Athletics Adventure will give students a taste of NCAA Division I athletics and encourage any junior athletes to strive harder in their arena and in the classroom!

Admissions Adventure

Admissions staff will discuss what students can be doing, even in middle school, to start preparing for college. The presentation gives students a realistic idea of what admissions counselors are looking for with regard to college applicants. Students are taught that 9th grade is the time when admissions counselors begin to scrutinize grades, SAT scores, behavior, etc. While many middle school students do not understand the concept of a GPA or the importance of standardized tests, the Admissions Adventure takes time to explain these concepts so that students get a better understanding of what is expected of them in the high school classroom. The presentation also talks about opportunities for students after high school, such as trade schools, community colleges, and four-year institutions. Finally, financial aid and scholarship opportunities are discussed with students to help them understand that college is an affordable and attainable goal.

Academic Adventures

Currently offered in Fall 2016. Subject to availability.

Bulldogs Learning German

We will work with the students to teach them a little bit of beginner German! Students will travel from station to station (3) learning how to say different things and participate in hands on activities!

Discovering Spaces

We will be exploring surfaces with unusual properties. The questions and topics are an introduction to the mathematical field of topology.

EDUC 320: College and Career Readiness

In pairs, EDUC 320 students will lead college-based activities to provide students insights into college course content and information.

Exploring Our World Through Chemistry

Hands-on activities demonstrating the chemical properties of household items.

Hands-On Physics

We will have physics demonstrations of electricity and magnetism, mechanics of motion, and extreme temperatures (liquid nitrogen).

Library Flash Fiction

Students let their creativity loose through a guided writing activity utilizing library resources. We also get hands-on with some of the varied type of resources the library offers!

Neuroscience: The Electronic Cockroach

We will introduce students to the brain and neural functions through interactive demonstrations.

Pharmacy Fun

Learn how to read a medication label by participating in our Over The Counter Scavenger Hunt!

The Skies are Alive!: Observational Weather in a Growing World

Discuss how weather impacts our lives, what we do to prepare for it by reading information from instruments, and how Meteorology is not just about predicting the weather for the next day. We will also discuss what kind of future you can have with a study in Atmospheric Sciences.

Spanish on Campus

In our activity, we will be teaching the students vocabulary words through a story. The participants will then compete in a game in order to test their new vocabulary words.