Volunteer Information

Volunteers will serve as tutors for high school students in the ¡Vamos! program. These volunteers will be responsible for providing students with academic support at Asheville High School/SILSA or Clyde A. Erwin High School once a week. They will also be responsible for all other related aspects of the tutoring, including but not limited to; driving to the high schools, communicating with the ¡Vamos! Coordinator via email, phone and/or social media, and attending training sessions.

Volunteers will be expected to be able to commit 2-3 hrs per week (including travel time) for tutoring sessions. Volunteers are expected to be respectful and appropriate while communicating and/or interacting with the ¡Vamos! Coordinator, students, and anyone else involved with the ¡Vamos! Program.

Volunteers are occasionally also needed during the monthly family engagement nights, as chaperones for the college tours, field trips, etc. Any need for additional volunteers will be communicated prior to the planned event or trip.

Volunteers are required to successfully pass a background check before participating with the ¡Vamos! Program.

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