Our Mission


We aim to be the front-runner in the development and sustainability of mutually enriching and effective community-school outreach efforts in the Western North Carolina (WNC) region. We vigorously explore and pursue collaborations to promote UNC Asheville as the higher education destination of choice for the local region. While enjoying national prominence as a leading liberal arts university, UNC Asheville remains actively committed to the cultural richness, diversity, pride, and economic vitality of its local and regional communities, forever engrained as an educational pillar in WNC.


We promote and expand educational opportunities and access to UNC Asheville to all segments of the local and regional community, particularly those communities and counties that have been traditionally underserved. We are committed to offering partner-specific services, programs and initiatives that are sensitive and relevant to the needs of the communities and schools in WNC. To accomplish this work, we build upon and establish collaborative relationships with UNC Asheville faculty, staff, students, regional educators, community leaders, as well as the private and public sector. We showcase the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about university-wide efforts to reach local educators, pre-college students and community partners.

What We Do!

Public Engagement

We are a one-stop destination cataloguing and promoting information about all university-wide on- and off-campus events, projects, workshops, camps and other programs and activities through the Community Calendar.

Professional Development

With an indefatigable cadre of faculty who are proficient in their respective fields, UNC Asheville offers training and development programs for both personal achievement and career advancement. These dynamic, robust and highly interactive training programs contain the most innovative advances in research and pedagogy within a myriad of disciplines.

Pre-College Outreach

The only four-year liberal arts university in the area, UNC Asheville is well-poised to pave the way for students in the region to attend a prestigious university close to home. The University identifies “seek[ing] and serv[ing] North Carolina’s most promising students, regardless of need, and facilitat[ing] their path to graduation” as a strategic priority.  College visits to sporting events, cultural arts programs, lectures, theatrical performances, “Celebrate Middle School Success” and “Junior Bulldog Program” provide students with unforgettable experiences.

Partner-Specific Outreach

We promote “out-of-the box” and innovative approaches to adapt the university’s outreach into partner-specific techniques and activities that are meaningful and impactful. We share a combined commitment with schools and communities to make higher educational accessible and affordable to our aspiring next generation leaders. UNC Asheville is steadfast in becoming the region’s higher education destination.